Super Cavalli
The parade, which has always been ostentatiously solemn and pompous, emblematic of a show of magnificence, simultaneously acts as a vehicle for a show of shared involvement. The interest of this collective is piqued by cases where the order of multitude becomes broken, where the journey from magnificence to ramshackle manifests, giving life to meanings that are out of control, rendering every parade an episode in itself. Horses, chimeric matrices, fetishes of art and literature, are the object of this parade.

We are asking everyone to contribute to Super Cavalli – the inaugural project from Super Summer Extra Pomeriggio – by sending their own representation of a horse by post for the exhibition at TOAST for the entirety of its duration. The exhibition will take the form of a parade, beginning from the moment that the horse is sent, a parade that will be at first disorganised and haphazard but which then finds its own temporary order within the confines of the space at TOAST, until it is once again broken up.
Super Summer Extra Pomeriggio
Super Summer Extra Pomeriggio is a multidisciplinary artistic collective which looks into possibilities deriving from its own name.

The enormous, the immense, the disproportionate, all enter into a dialogue with an evanescent dimension where, in their reciprocal assonance and singularity, taken individually or in relationship to one another, Super and Extra become paradigmatic in the choice of appropriation of specific situations and styles.
Send your horses to:

TOAST Project Space
Via delle Cascine 33,
50144 Firenze, Italia
Robert Pettena
La Bestia
Simone Calegaro
Vincent Cassel
Peter Schaffer
Jacopo Fagiani
Edoardo Maria Manuguerra
Hot Horses
Fabrizio Andriulo
Giulio Bellagamba
Sofia Salomoni
Giuliano Lupani
Simone Camerlengo
Riccardo Savioli
Massimo Conti
Giulio Saverio Rossi
Alice Bonora
Serenella Vezzi
Marco Schiavone
Samuele Recchia
L'ultima Luna
Daniele Presicce
Caterina Ventura
Giovanni Wetz
Michelangelo Consani
Giuseppe De Mattia
Greta Zanetti
Gabriele Tosi
Filippo Argenti
Maria Teresa Cardinale
Michele Cirillo Jr.
Jacopo Buono
Giacomo Montanelli
Negar Sh
Konrad Dietrich
Isabella Bignardi
Giovanni Lora
Roberto Capozucca
Emma Cusinato
Roberto Fassone
Manifesto dei Cavalli
Mario Pieri
Matteo Coluccia
Berta Ghiotto
Bette Caddu
Marco Mazzoni